Something Restless (Featured)


A song about mental health and the restless mind.

Video Release (Oct. 3rd, 2020) – Filmed in Montebello Park with a 90’s movie plot twist.

Download “Something Restless” on all streaming services now and 100% of the proceeds will go to Pathstone Mental Health.

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Huge THANKS to the following individuals:

Matt Weaver – After playing together and performing this song live, Matt had some great ideas to improve this song and it is in large part to him that this version has come to be and I couldn’t be more appreciative. He provided the stellar back up vocals/harmonies, the masterful rhythm and the hooky keys to make this song sound like we caught lightening in a bottle. Thanks my man!

Johnny Dee – For his masterful mastering! Won’t be the first or last time I owe this guy my gratitude. Thanks my man!

Troy Mullins – For providing 3, out of this world, images depicting “Something Restless” states of mental health. We had a blast making the video and his images being the cover artwork for the song and being in the video lend nicely to the goal of sharing and educating others about mental health and ways to cope. Thanks my man!

*Please visit the link to see Troy’s awesome artwork and to find out more about his inspirations and story’s behind each image.…

Derek Judd – For always being supportive and filming the video. Thanks my man!

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