I adore the simplicity of this track, the catchy riff and the hooky lyrical measure.

The concept of the song hinges around two lyric lines and a manipulated spoken vocal sentence. The feeling of having enough of this life is the dilemma. There is only two solutions in this scenario, leave this world or continue to be a slave to it. The hooky riff is a juxtaposition of this actual feeling making the song sound happy and whimsical instead. The bridge and the figure represent the two choices. We don’t know if the figure just crossed or is about to cross the bridge. There is an elusion to this figure just crossing the bridge by panning the picture upwards for the whole minute transcending toward heaven and there is a shadowy cross in the upper left corner by the figure. However this can be interpreted in directly the opposite manner as well. The video could be showing where the figure is going to end up at the start all along. Up to the audience to decide.

The final ‘No – Wait’ sounds as if the wrong decision has been made in the end. This would be indicated by an interrobang after each of these words (‘No!? Wait!?!?’). The other ‘Wait.’ words are just statements as the figure is making a decision.

Thanks to D. Judd (The Rundown) for contributing his line for me to play with in this recording. This song is an artsy one for me in regards to how I produced the song and created a single image video for it. It is very unlike anything I’ve done before as it is quite simple. I hope it makes you think.

*Image was found on google images and I take no ownership.

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