Behind the ARTWORK for “Something Restless” (Get to know Troy Mullins)

Troy Mullins is an artist that lives in St. Catharines, ON.  He has recently begun creating new works again, after attending Sheridan College 20 years ago. Troy was excited to contribute his artwork to this project and it pairs nicely with the theme of Mental Health.

His art can be found in the cover art for “Something Restless” and he and his images are seen in the music video. Check out the attached pictures and video for a closer look.

 Please feel free to reach out to Troy on facebook @ 

About the ART!

Ideas shared with me about the creation of the ARTWORK and how it pairs with “Something Restless”.  (These are direct messages shared with me about each image from Troy Mullins)

Volcanic Thoughts (Hourglasses)

…An hourglass where the glass is shaped like the side profile of two heads mirrored. Instead of normal sand sifting down, black (volcanic) sand is falling up to fill the level of the brain. Represents the mind filling with dark thoughts and the inability to move forward.

Discordant Sorrow (Violin)

…Goes with the idea of restlessness; frantic playing. Formed a few teardrops out of the bow strings.

Mind Racer (Brain)

…The worried, restless sleeper. A woman on a treadmill who’s overworked and overtired.

“Something Restless (Troy Mullins Version)” Video:


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