Year In Review.

Happy New Year!

Homestretch Studio is now 6 months old! I have recorded over a dozen songs in that time with 9 releases (solo and side project) and I am excited for what’s to come in 2021!

Below is a Social Media Message I sent out Dec. 31st, 2020:

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

I just wanted to say I truly appreciate all the support, kind words, positive feedback and personal connections I’ve been receiving in response to my music. It’s means the world to me!

Music and passion are very intertwined and I went over 5 years without creating any new material and was on the cusp of giving it up. Lots of life happened in those years (good & bad) and I feel my lessons learned and experiences have sculpted me into a very different songwriter today. 

A little over 2 years ago I started putting some rough songs up on YouTube. This lead slowly to me writing a little more and becoming more personal than ever before with my lyrics. I noticed that by exposing my true vulnerability, my songs were more meaningful and driven with purpose.  The responses I received from you reaffirmed that I was on the right path. 

Thanks to Covid I had the time to build my own studio (Homestretch Studio) and I’ve recorded and released 9 songs in the last 6 months with many others on the way.  I’m still learning how to record and still have much to learn but I have been able to do things I could never have dreamed off with my original songs. 

In conclusion, I just wanted to thank those who have reached out and made connections with the music. I feel like a teenager again doing something that I love.  Whether or not you like my music, I encourage you to follow your passion. Take time to do something that you love. No matter the outcome, you will be rewarded and truly fulfilled.

Wishing everyone a happy new year and all the best in 2021!

To check out “The Original Six” (click the link below) OR enjoy the YouTube videos:

2020 In The Homestretch

“Love The Gifts That You Give” – Unofficial Release (Dec. 23rd, 2020)

“Good Grief” (Dec. 9th, 2020)

“It’s About Time” (Nov. 20th, 2020)

“Ailments” (Oct. 9th, 2020)

“Something Restless” (Sept. 7th, 2020)

“Cross The Line” (July 20th, 2020)

“All The Good Things” (July 1st, 2020)


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