The Line In The Sand.

“Cross The Line” is the official 2nd release from Homestretch Studio. It ironically was recorded as my 2nd song ever to be recorded in the studio and it was done in one take. It slowly changed and evolved as I learned how to mix properly over 3 months. I’m am beyond the moon excited with the end result.

This is a very personal song to me and is about my struggles during a tough period in my life. Here’s the just:

“We all have our own hardships to overcome. Self medicating as a coping mechanism during mental health breakdowns or rough patches in our life can quickly snowball. We all tightrope walk “crossing the line”. My scare came one year ago today. This song sums up my internal dialogue to a fault. 2nd single released from Homestretch Studio. (1yr sober)”

The video is another story! In the craze of Covid, the beach closet to our home was flooded with many people from the surrounding areas. It has never seen so much activity. However, I had an idea for the video with the water washing away a line in the sand as if to ‘cross the line’. To get this shot I had to go very early in the morning with only myself and one other person on the beach and I managed to get this awesome video. (Later that same day, my and son and I went down to collect rocks at the same beach to a capacity crowd and there would have been no way to get the video.)

“Cross The Line” is all on major streaming services below:

“The Line In The Sand” Video:


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