To Start A New!

To start a new!  Launch of the website, new music and open hearted!

I’m happy to announce the next adventure in my musical career.

With the addition of my last name to my current stage name  “Ryan Thomas” (which is actually just my first and middle name), I’ve decided to ‘start a new’ version of myself and my music (Mellencamp style) under my full name “Ryan Thomas Smelle”.

After a hiatus to focus on family, my life views and feelings toward common elements of music are now vastly different.  My creative writing and musical stylings have also grown and evolved to be more retrospective of some curve balls, adventures and journeys that life has thrown my way.

To start this all off, I have released 3 new songs in mid December 2019, before the launch of this website, baring sides of myself I was hesitant to show before.

There are 3 songs on this EP titled “From Grey To Red” and there are many new elements of my writing style, which focus on a more acoustic/folk approach to my emotional narrative for each of these tunes.

I followed this EP with 2 songs that started it all years and years ago and appropriately made visual videos that portray the era perfectly. Check out YouTube to see all 5 songs!

Looking forward to starting a new in 2020 with some never before heard music that showcases this new heart exposed style of my songwriting and story telling.

Ryan Thomas Smelle


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